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The services listed are available to all Ancom customers and can be combined to create the best all round solution for any company.


As Kaspersky credited partners we are able to offer award winning Kaspersky Lab products for business which are designed to
protect even the most challenging systems.

Ancom are Mcafee partners and their managed anti-virus is our choice for remote workers.

Nobody with an internet connection can afford to be without anti-virus, so we offer anti-virus in a couple of flavours.

Firstly we offer it at the network level with central management console of your network, you can monitor this yourself or we can do it for you. Secondly we offer a managed system which is suitable for any amount of users and can be monitored from a central web location, again you can monitor this or we can do it for you.
Thirdly we offer stand alone anti-virus which sits on the individual system and updates from the web.


Backup Checks:

Automated backup is the way most companies go nowadays, the problem is you do not know if the backup is valid until you try to restore form it, if the restore fails it is too late at that point to do much about it, Backup Check will at a pre-arranged interval, or when you request, restore a trial file to test that the backup is retrievable.


Backup Solutions:

Are all your crucial files being backed up, we offer a variety of backup solutions including tape, disc and online options. Gain peace of mind knowing that all the files you need to preserve are included within the backup. Maximize your protection with our Backup Checks and Disaster Recovery Planning services.



Ancom can install cabling for wired networks including Cat5 and Cat6 standards. Termination into patch panels, coms cabinets and wall ports. Also Installation of network switches and server racks giving a complete and solid foundation for any computer network.



Connect your business sites and remote workers with reliable, secure, low latency and high availability services. From business xDSL services with enhanced SLAs to high bandwidth leased line and Ethernet circuits we can deliver the right connection for your needs.


Desktop Support:

Ancom support the user at the desktop level either remotely or onsite. This service is essential for everyday users whether at home or in the office.


Disaster Recovery Planning:

We all know a total loss of the system is a pretty rare thing but it does happen, so what would you do? It does not have to be an elaborate or expensive solution just a set of processes that can be  put into action should it ever happen, therefore enabling you to get back to business as fast as possible.


Hardware Repairs and Servicing:

No matter how good computers are nowadays, they may eventually have a problem, we undertake repairs to all systems from laptops to servers, we will even come and collect and return if that helps take the strain away.


Hosted Exchange:

All the advantages of the exchange server without the need to buy exchange or a server capable of running it, these exchange mail boxes (hosted at the web) offer all the functionality of the local ones.

Office Moves:

It's all to easy to fall into the 'We'll just plug it back in and it'll work' trap! A little planning and the use of Ancom's professionals can take most of the strain out of an office move, reducing unwanted downtime and connectivity problems. We can also come and disconnect your systems and move them to your new premises.


Network Setup:

We are Zyxel bronze partners and will install their products (or other leading brands). Including router/ broadband/ security/ remote access configuration. Lets face it the network is the foundation of your business systems, if this is wrong nothing will ever be right. We offer a planning and installation service for the new network or addition and upgrade to your existing network.


Networks Support:

Support of a network is one of the most important support modules that you can have as it includes your internet connection, switches and routers.


New Purchases:

We have been in this business for over a decade now and have built up a good relationship with many manufacturers. We know what is good and what is not, so can guide you to the best product for your purpose and usually we can offer it to you cheaper than buying direct.


Remote Support:

Most IT problems are small ones and can be dealt with very easily and quickly using our remote support option, this can often mean an almost immediate fix to your problem.


Remote Working Solutions:

Times are changing, internet speeds are getting faster, office space is more expensive. Increasingly, companies are looking to use a mobile or home based workforce. We can assist in the setting up of this system, from the purchasing of the most appropriate routers right through to setting up terminal servers if required and even the best internet provider for your solution.


Server monitoring:

Proactive monitoring of the server, servers tend to work away in the background and the only time people know they are there is when something goes wrong! However, there are usually some warning signs before a serious event occurs so with proactive monitoring these warnings are picked up and the problem is dealt with before it becomes serious.


Server Health Checks:

If your server is not monitored then a server health check is the way to go. At a pre-arranged interval maybe monthly or fortnightly an Ancom engineer will remotely log into your server and check over the system to see if all is as it should be.

Server Support:

If something does go wrong or changes are needed on your server it can be a daunting task for office staff. We have various levels of support packages and your server(s) would dealt with under one of these. The packages can be viewed from the links on our support page.


Spam Filtering:

Anti-spam and anti-virus protection are important to gain complete protection from spam and viruses before they reach your mail servers and IT network – freeing up your network and PCs for business use.

We offer a fully managed email filtering solution providing the highest level of comprehensive real time protection against spam and viruses. Sitting outside your network, all spam and viruses are screened out at the internet level ensuring your infrastructure is free from disruption and congestion.



Ensure complete protection for all your sites and remote workers with the latest email and web security solutions. With customer configurable services you can easily add IT equipment to the protected list and control the websites that employees browse. Defend your confidential information from those not authorised to access your IT network and protect against malicious users and accidents that originate outside your network with our firewall solutions.

Our solutions not only protect your business, data and IT equipment but also reduce the amount of non-business web browsing and spam, freeing up your bandwidth and network storage.



As the systems you own get older they eventually become unfit for purpose through one reason or another, buying a new system to replace it can sometimes be an unwanted strain on the budget. Upgrades could be the answer as this is usually a cheaper way to get a more powerful system and extend the life of existing equipment.


Virus Removal:

Virus removal from almost all systems. We use the latest tools to find and remove virus and malware.


Wide Area Networking (WANs):

This includes Office to Office connections. These are secure tunnels made through the internet that effectively join two or more offices together regardless of location. WANs are also used for home workers and mobile workers who need access to some or all data at the office. For greater requirements MPLS circuits can be used. Ancom are well versed in all technologies and able to supply and/or configure everything needed to get you connected.


Web security:

Unauthorised web use and web filtering.
Ensure immediate protection from all web based threats and prevent unauthorised employee web usage.

Web abuse in the workplace is an all too common issue today. Unauthorised or excessive employee web usage coupled with the legal ramifications of having illegal content on your network has become a serious concern for businesses.

Web based viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware are a threat to business operations and can incur large costs from damaged IT infrastructures.

We offer an internet-level web security solution providing immediate comprehensive protection from all web based threats and the ability to report on and manage employee web use. Delivered on highly scalable and robust network infrastructure, it is a fully-managed solution.

Ancom also offer Router integrated web security within our Zyxel range. This is a very cost effective line of defence.


Web Hosting:

We offer website hosting and support with unlimited email addresses on your website we host with the country’s largest hosting companies offering Windows or Linux servers.


Wireless Networks:

Complete Wireless Network Installation Services

It has to be said that our preference is for wired networks, however this is not always the best solution and when wireless networking is required, it is important to to have it installed correctly.

When you install an 802.11 Wi-Fi wireless LAN you not only need an experienced cabling contractor to install your structured network cabling but you also need a on-site installer that's experienced with wireless LAN installation. Ancom can install your WLAN system, completed by engineers who intimately understand your cabling requirements, your IP network and VLAN infrastructure, and your wireless network equipment.