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BenefitsCore Support Services from Ancom

Reduced hourly rates
• Ancom can reduce the hourly rate for all incidents that fall outside of any support packages by up to 23% reducing our present rate from £ 65ph to £50ph

Guaranteed response times
• This package comes with a guaranteed response time of 2 working days for low priority incidents; that is not to say it will be 2 days, but that is the worst case scenario. (Please ask for average current response performance).
• This package also comes with a guaranteed response time of 1 working day for higher priority incidents. Business critical incidents will always take precedence.

Proactive monthly server health check
• The server is checked monthly or bi-monthly (depending on usage) by a qualified engineer for anything out of the ordinary and that could interrupt the smooth running of the system.

Telephone diagnostic and remote support
• Package includes telephone diagnostics and unlimited remote work that falls within the parameters of our support package (please see the fair usage policy).

Onsite Visits
• Outside of the support package all onsite visits are charged at your reduced hourly rate.

Monthly payments and terms
• Packages are paid monthly or annually depending on customer preference, we do not tie you in to a complicated contract it works on a “you pay we do” basis one months notice releases you with no obligation.

Who should use it?
This package is really an essential package for any company using a client/server network. This contract is flexible and can be altered to suit.

For companies that require the assurance of professional support in the background, and have need of remote or onsite support.

Costs Example 10 pc Network
£150.00 for Primary Server
£75.00 per member server (if required)
£ 25.00 per user for first 10 (minimum cost £ 125.00)
£ 12.50 per user thereafter

Additional Charges Outside of Package
£160.00 per engineer standard half day rate (4 hours)
£300.00 per engineer standard day rate (8 hours)
£50.00 for the first 30 minutes onsite. £25 per 30 minutes thereafter
£50.00 Remote hourly rate chargeable in 15 min increments
1 server @ £150.00
10 pc’s @ £ 25.00 = £250.00
Total monthly cost = £ 400.00