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BenefitsLight Touch Support from Ancom

Monthly payments and terms
• There are no monthly payments and the service works on a reactive response to your problems.

Guaranteed response times
• There is a guaranteed response time of 2 days, but we will endeavour to respond at the earliest possible time.

Only pay for what you use
• All incidents whether remote or onsite are paid at our standard rate (see below) therefore you only pay for the services you use.

Workshop repairs
Software and hardware repairs not suitable for a quick onsite fix are repaired in our workshop and charged at reduced rates. We can do this as it does not tie up an engineer watching files install or scans running!

• Our engineers become familiar with your systems and its idiosyncrasies and this usually facilitates a quicker fix.

• Reassured in the knowledge that there is an expert in the background waiting to help
Telephone diagnostic support
• There is no telephone support offered in this package but customers can get through to an engineer who will start an incident albeit remote or book an onsite appointment.

Who should use this service?
The company that maybe has a level of IT competency and can deal with the little day to day problems that occur, or a company that has a very small IT footprint so has little need of support, but nevertheless want to be assured there is help at hand when needed.

Standard Charges
£220.00 per engineer standard half day rate (4 hours)
£420.00 per engineer standard day rate (8 hour)
£65.00 for the first 30 minutes onsite. £32.50 per 30 minutes thereafter.
£65.00 remote hourly rate chargeable in 15 min increments (£16.25)